Minn-StF Fannish Household Names

At various periods (more in the 70s and 80s, but continuing to some degree in 2022) it was relatively common to name your house (or household). Some of those household names became, in fact, household names, and appeared in Einblatt! and Board minutes and the Minn-StF directory, and were frequently used in common conversation.

And those names were sometimes used by photographers in labeling sets of photos they took at a party at a particular house. To help interpret those, I’ve started collecting fannish household names and documenting them here.

A few households have endured long enough that names needing documentation are still living at the same address. In those cases I have redacted the addresses from this list (the Address column will show “current” rather than an actual address). I don’t see any particular problem in publishing addresses people used to live at, particularly when the household was discussed enough for the name to show up in our research.

This version of this page is experimental (I’m playing with ways to get the document from my master copy, through redaction, to be published on the web site with minimal effort).