New collection: David Charles Cummer

My old friend David Cummer died quite unexpectedly early in March. Thanks to some work by Ann Totusek with his family, I got a plastic bag with about 1500 snapshot prints (and a few sets of negatives) to scan what I couldRead More

Mystery Photos

I’ve put up three galleries of mystery photos from DavE’s collection. Anything people can figure out about when or where (and there are some open “who”, too) would be useful. A collation, A fallcon, and a Bozo Bus party.

New Photos, 2007

I’ve added Minicon 42, Marscon 2007, and Doug Friauf’s memorial, among other things, to the site from Dave Romm’s collection.

New Images Collected for Minicon 50

The old images that I collected from a number of photographers for Minicon 50 (not of Minicon 50! They’re all much older than that) are up on the site. The photographers were Garth Danielson and Joseph M. Fishbein. Anthony Tollin provided usRead More