New collection: David Charles Cummer

David Charles Cummer
Plastic bag of 1500 snapshot prints, rather jumbled, that I was brought from David Cummer's apartment.
A plastic bag of photos

My old friend David Cummer died quite unexpectedly early in March. Thanks to some work by Ann Totusek with his family, I got a plastic bag with about 1500 snapshot prints (and a few sets of negatives) to scan what I could use for this archive (which is around 500; with around 300 making it to the site).

Spent most of March and April on that, but as of today I have a preliminary sort of the photos, and have them posted to the site. They’re all together here, or integrated by convention, date, and person in the various other ways to view the archive.

Each new collection brings a new viewpoint into the archive, and that’s always interesting, often a learning experience.

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