I’ve been experimenting with putting geolocation information (GPS coordinates, basically) into photos. I’ve only done a few hundred, but you can already see clusters of images at different locations in Minneapolis. And I finally got the plugin to display this information inRead More

WordPress Themes–—Bah, Humbug!

Oh, there are probably many wonderful ones. But the process of finding them is deeply ugly. For this site, I’m looking for a theme that supports a homepage image that’s not on the other pages, that supports featured images in both pagesRead More

Known Problems

Current Problems Fixed Problems I believe these problems, previously reported here, are fixed. No way to register Until just now, there was a problem that the top-level WordPress site was requiring logins and not allowing new registrations. I believe that is fixed.Read More

Soft Launch!

Possibly this site has enough content for it to be time to get some outside opinion on it. So, welcome to the “soft launch” of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society Fan Photo Archive. (Since that’s such a mouthful, mostly I will referRead More