Known Problems

Current Problems

Fixed Problems

I believe these problems, previously reported here, are fixed.

No way to register

Until just now, there was a problem that the top-level WordPress site was requiring logins and not allowing new registrations. I believe that is fixed.

These problems are fixed, I think. I’m leaving them here for a bit, until I’m sure, and that everybody has had a chance to notice.

Some images don’t show full-size

Some images don’t show when you click through from thumbnails. You can probably get to see some larger version of the image by selecting the photo sizes icon (a box with arrows diagonally outwards to upper left and lower right) and picking a different size. It doesn’t remember that size when you go to the next photo, or when you come back to this one.

Original image display opens pop-up window and then errors

However, the settings that made this happen make the “some imaged don’t show full-size” error much less common.

Posted by: David Dyer-Bennet on Category: Site